Homerton Auditorium
Thu 15 November

I Need You To Be Quiet Now (Homerton)

Victor Rees and Charlotte Cromie

Note: Tickets for this event are no longer available to buy online, but can still be bought at the door before the concert.

"It’s been there two weeks.
Just sitting there.
In the middle of the pavement…”

Matthew is painfully average.
He lives in a featureless room in a high-rise flat. He has a job he doesn’t understand, neighbours he can hear through paper-thin walls and a little brother awaiting execution for murder.
But none of that matters to Matthew. He's too busy panicking over a table that has appeared on the street outside. No one will touch it. No one will take it away.
And he just can't understand why it's there.

I Need You To Be Quiet Now is an ambitious one-man show exploring obsession and the conversations we try to avoid.



75 minutes


Homerton Auditorium


£8, £5 concessions, £3 Queens, Homerton and Downing camcard holders